Monitor large set of Ethereum addresses easily

Get instant alerts on unusual activities with our real time blockchain data.

Solution for traders, startups and ventures

Fully customizable featuers for Ethereum businesses to make use of. Better team management with secure data monitoring.

Real time Ethereum Data

Gain access to our database for high performance read on hundreds of millions of Ethereum blockchain data.

Direct API Integration

Customizable API endpoints allow you and your team to automate and scale your ETH Watch solution.

Batch Addresses monitoring

Eth Watch maintains real time infrastructure to allow unlimited addresses monitoring accessible for your whole team.

Oncall Policy Management

Scale and triage ETH Watch alerts to a hierarchy in your team. Real-time SMS and e-mail alerts.

How Eth Watch works at a glance

Exchange hot walletAddress nameAn exchange hot walletAddress description0xe4abc54f5a6288b60c18b361442a151fc4911da6Ethereum AddressAdd an Address to begin monitoringAddress TypeCold StorageHot WalletSmart ContractAlert onAll activitiesAll activitiesUnknown addressLow BalanceTransaction sizeFrom: Eth WatchThe following incident has occured[Exchange Hot Wallet] Detected un- whitelisted address transaction!Reply with 1 to Acknowledge 2 to Escalate to the next oncall phone number 3 to ResolveReceive alerts in real time via SMS and email

Add an address to monitor

From cold storage to smart contract, monitor any Ethereum address for malicious activities, transaction volume, balance change, etc.

Get notified on activities

We maintain scalable infrastructure to alert you on any activities of your choice.

Real time SMS and e-mail alerts

Receive alerts in real time, both by SMS and e-mail. Oncall Policy avaible for enterprise solution.

Custom enterprise solutions available on demand